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Avoiding Unnecessary Pool Repairs

It’s hot and all you think about is dipping into that fresh and cool water. Since resorts and beaches are full during this season, having a pool at home proves to be a convenient and good investment especially in hot places like Tampa. ...more

Choosing the Best Mechanic for Your Engine Repair

Any auto repair requires excellent service from mechanics with outstanding performance. Esp ...more

All about Hybrids and Hybrid Repair

Hybrid repair is a little more complicated because hybrid cars combine the muscle of a traditional gasoline engine with the efficiency of an electric motor. One of the more popular hybrids out in the ...more

Waxing Gift Card: The Ultimate Gift Idea for the Holidays

While a nice cashmere sweater or a satin scarf is a nice gift for your best girl friend for the holidays, giving her a gift card with a great wax center can be as good. You can bond over the experience and come our smooth and hair-free so you can stay confident and fabulous with all those parties you’ll be attending. ...more

Underarm Waxing Tips for Newbs

Shaving is an easy and painless way of hair removal, however, the results are uncertain and the skin is often damaged due to slight razor burns or small cuts. Waxing, on the other hand, yields better results for as long as a month, depending on how hairy you are. Before you wax… You need to have a certain volume and length of hair before you hit the wax center. Underarm waxing requires a certain hair length to enable the wax to hold on to the hair strands, making the str ...more

Water Pipes: Helping Habitual Smokers Quit

 Many states in the US are now moving towards stricter rules on smoking. While this is may not push people into quitting smoking, certain health conditions can. The only problem, however, is when the habitual smoker finds it hard to quit. This causes frustration and can actually lead to more cigarettes being smoked.

Fortunately, smoke shop and other smoker-friendly establishments have provided different alternatives to traditiona ...more

Memorable Events with a Memorable Venue

Your wedding revolves around decision making. Which flowers are you getting? Who’s on your guest list? What about table assignments? It’s tough and very stressful. Planning the reception in half of the process but once ...more

Entrusting Your Engine Repairs with the Best Mechanic

Keeping a good connection with the best mechanic in Tampa can satisfy your engine repair needs and will be able to answer all your questions from how auto diagnostics work and how much they would cost. Due to rapid upgrade in technology, some mechanics get left behind with what’s new in the industry. Take time to think about who to entrust your engine repair with and see how you can cut down on your budget. Here are some tips on choosing the right mechanic in Tampa.  Your insuranc ...more

8 Hairstyling Tips from Hair Salon Professionals in Tampa

Styling one’s hair may seem easy. But in reality, hairstyling is a meticulous process. Ever wondered why women spend so much time fixing their hair in the morning? Or fortunes just to find the hair salon that will give them the “perfect” hairstyle? Hairstyling is something that needs careful attention. One mistake and it can ruin a person’s image. ...more

Self Storage Basics: Know How to Pack, Organize, and Store

Self storage is composed of three activities: packing, organizing, and storing. If you are one of those with hardly any storage space left at their place, you must be able to do these three wisely. Though the storing part is primarily given by the storage facilities in your area, you still need to have an idea of how the three activities work together. In addition, packing services may have additional charges if done by storage facilities so chances are you need to pack by yourself in order to s ...more

Hardwood Floors or Laminate Floors: Take Your Pick

Hardwood floors and laminate floors are both good choices for flooring materials. They increase the value of the property and they provide an undeniably better aes ...more

Caught in the Middle: Juvenile Guardianship after the Divorce

Child custody and support, child visitation, and guardianship issues are the thorniest part of every divorce case because the welfare of our juvenile citizens is the our top priority as a nation. Each state in the country enacted laws to ensure that members of the juvenile population caught in the middle of divorce settlements are protected. In Tampa and the rest of Florida, issues related to child custody and support, child visitation, as well as guardianship are resolved in accordance with the ...more

Tips from a Divorce Lawyer on Child Custody and Support

Life is full of surprises. One day a couple is so in love, the next, they are signing their divorce papers. Divorce is a common occurrence in our country. A number of couples find this option to be the perfect solution for their irreconcilable differences. But what happens to the children caught ...more

Hair Color and Highlights: A Few Tips

Your favorite salon can recommend many services to make you feel and look good—from a simple manicure to a full make-over. Changing your hair color is also one way of shifting looks whether you want it to be a subtle or drastic change. ...more

A Younger Looking You with Awapuhi Keratin Treatment

Maintaining a healthy hair takes a few years from your looks. Women love experimenting with their looks, they take time and effort to go to the salon and have a perm, hair color and other treatments that can make your hair dry and unmanageable. See how Awapuhi Treatment and Keratin Hair treatment works. Keratin Hair Treatme ...more